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Aug 11

Nettie A. Olds

A Free Thought Church at McMinnville, Oregon — May, 1896 The portrait of Nettie A. Olds (right), appears as the frontispiece of this number of this Magazine. We also herewith present our readers with a picture of a part of the interior of the church of which Miss Olds is the pastor. Below will be …

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Mar 22

Funeral Foolishness

By Walter Collins — February, 1903 One of the most neglected questions that needs the attention of progressive people is funeral reform. The very first and most important step is to quit burying human bodies. Man is the only animal of his size that is permitted to pollute the earth in the very locality that …

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Feb 27

A Kaleidoscopic Turn

By Ida Ballou — September, 1902 Sidney, Ohio: Says Goethe: The world’s my delight; I gazed on the distant, I look on the near, On wood and on planet, On field and on deer, And the beauty eternal Of all things I see, And pleased with myself. All bring pleasure to me. Glad eyes look …

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Dec 28

The Ingersoll Memorial Association

By Judge C. B. Waite — August, 1901 An address delivered by IMA President Waite at its first public meeting held at the Great Northern Hotel July 6, 1901. Friends: We meet to-day to report progress in a movement started for the purpose of doing honor to a great American citizen, now no more, a …

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Dec 20

Presentation: Oregon Freethought History

Date: January 25, 2016 at 6:30 Place: O’Connor’s Cafe and Bar, 7850 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, Oregon A presentation by Silverton Historian Gus Frederick. This talk addressed the Freethought movement in Oregon during the latter quarter of the 19th Century, beginning with the seeds of the Oregon State Secular Union, the growing Freethought scene in …

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Dec 11

Matilda Joslyn Gage — Obituary

Matilda Joslyn Gage

By Horace L. Green – June, 1898 Matilda Joslyn Gage died on the 18th of March at the home of her son-in-law, L. F. Baum, in Chicago, at the age of 72 years. In 1863 we opened a law office in the city of Syracuse. On the floor above us was published a temperance paper …

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Dec 07

Free Thought

By Mrs. Myra E. Withee — September, 1901 St. Paul, Minnesota: There came to my hand a short time since a copy of a so-called Free Thought paper. As I have for many years been in sympathy with Free Thought, I eagerly scanned its pages thinking to find something of interest. The first article which …

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Nov 26

President Roosevelt and Thomas Paine

By John E. Remsburg—March, 1902 Oak Mills, Kansas: President Roosevelt in his “Life of Gouverneur Morris” (p. 288), characterizes Thomas Paine, one of the founders of our Republic, a gentleman whose personal appearance and habits were above reproach, a man who was physically and intellectually as large as Mr. Roosevelt is, and a devout believer …

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Nov 22

Walt Whitman — A Memory Picture

By Mary G. Woodhull — May, 1901 From The Literary Era: From the time I was a child I was familiar with the picturesque form and face of Poet Whitman. His genial “How are you, my child?” still rings in my ears, and many a time did I turn to catch a glimpse of the …

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Nov 18


By Harriet M. Closz — April, 1901 Webster City, Iowa: One of the many pagan customs which was abolished during the early years of the Christian era was the cremation of human bodies, and to the belief in the resurrection of the body and in the healing properties of bones and relics of the dead …

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