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Feb 27

A Kaleidoscopic Turn

By Ida Ballou — September, 1902 Sidney, Ohio: Says Goethe: The world’s my delight; I gazed on the distant, I look on the near, On wood and on planet, On field and on deer, And the beauty eternal Of all things I see, And pleased with myself. All bring pleasure to me. Glad eyes look …

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Nov 22

Walt Whitman — A Memory Picture

By Mary G. Woodhull — May, 1901 From The Literary Era: From the time I was a child I was familiar with the picturesque form and face of Poet Whitman. His genial “How are you, my child?” still rings in my ears, and many a time did I turn to catch a glimpse of the …

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Oct 06

The Man at the Window

Helen H. Gardener

By Helen H. Gardener — September, 1900 I had grown accustomed to see him day after day, as the elevated express train flew past his window, sitting there at some kind of work. My curiosity had led me to peer into his room, as far as I could, in the swift glance I was able …

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Oct 05

Free Thinks

A. Philistine

By A. Philistine — October, 1900 Kanawha Falls, West Virginia: At the risk of being called a carper and a fogy, I will say that many Freethinkers do the cause of Free Thought more harm than good by their utterances, their manners or their actions. Because a person does not believe in the theology of Christians, …

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