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Oct 14

A Defense of Agnosticism

George Jacob Holyoake

By George Jacob Holyoake — November, 1900 The term “Agnostic” is only of mid-century growth, but it marks the development of accuracy of thought in the nineteenth century as no other term does. Agnosticism means discernment as to the extent of personal knowledge, and veracity in stating it when discerned. Theism, Atheism, and Agnosticism denote …

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Oct 13

Weeds and Agnostics

Marie Harrold Garrison

By Marie Harrold Garrison — October, 1900 A whole year passed in the country causes one to consider seriously in more phases than one the subjects of grain-raising and of weed-growing. “Every human life is a field under more or less cultivation,” says the “last-day” composition of a sweet girl graduate. Trite as the sentence …

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Oct 10

Requiem for a Golden Age

By H. L. Green — December, 1901 We have lost about all our faith in the power of Freethinkers to organize, notwithstanding we have spent a good share of our long life in endeavoring to organize them. The more intelligent people are the more difficult it is to organize them into societies. Each one has …

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Oct 09

Unchurched and Unorganized Liberals

B.F. Underwood

By B. F. Underwood — March, 1899 Unorganized Liberals have fewer labels to classify them, and fewer fences to divide them from others of the same community than those who are inside church organizations. The sects generally claim to teach all the virtues; yet one may belong to none of the sects and possess the …

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Oct 06

Religion Comically Illustrated

Watson Heston

By H.L. Green — September, 1897 Watson Heston (left), was born in the backwoods of Anglaize County, Ohio, September 25, 1846. Was brought up on a farm at a time when the facilities for education were very limited, being able only to attend the common district schools during the usual term of three or four …

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Oct 05

Christianity in the Philippines

By W. E. Johnson — October, 1900 A few days ago I returned from a two months’ stay in the Philippines, where William McKinley, the Methodist, is now conducting a war of “benevolent assimilation” in the name of the Lord God and for the spread of “Christian civilization,” etc. we have, from time to time, …

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Oct 05

A Brave Young Man

Joseph Ryan

From The Worcester Telegram — August, 1900 Worcester, Mass: Joseph M. Ryan, of 36 Malvern Road, risked his life at noon yesterday to save a drowning dog. He plunged into Stillwater pond wearing only a pair of overalls, swam fifty yards to where a dog was struggling for life and helped the creature to reach …

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