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Feb 26

President Roosevelt and the Kittens

Can a Freethinker Consistently Vote for Roosevelt for President? Editorial—September, 1902: If the Republican Party shall nominate Roosevelt for President, can any Free Thought Republican consistently vote for him, knowing the fact that in his book he called Thomas Paine a “dirty little atheist?” We had come very near deciding that he could not, when …

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Dec 07

Free Thought

By Mrs. Myra E. Withee — September, 1901 St. Paul, Minnesota: There came to my hand a short time since a copy of a so-called Free Thought paper. As I have for many years been in sympathy with Free Thought, I eagerly scanned its pages thinking to find something of interest. The first article which …

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Oct 05

A Brave Young Man

Joseph Ryan

From The Worcester Telegram — August, 1900 Worcester, Mass: Joseph M. Ryan, of 36 Malvern Road, risked his life at noon yesterday to save a drowning dog. He plunged into Stillwater pond wearing only a pair of overalls, swam fifty yards to where a dog was struggling for life and helped the creature to reach …

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