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Dec 23


By George Allen White — December, 1901 My brothers, sisters, you who long for the reign of Truth and Right. Does it seem that the world is ruled by wrong, and that error is Infinite? Does it seem that the light of to-day is caught through the dim, low-windowed past? Yet know that Truth is …

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Dec 13

The Matriarchati, or Mother Age: Part II

By Elizabeth Cady Stanton — June, 1901 Continued from May: The ladies of the tribe of Ymanan are celebrated for their beauty and musical talent; when they give concerts the men come eagerly from the most distant parts, adorned like male ostriches. The women of the Berber tribes sing every evening to the accompaniment of …

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Dec 13

The Matriarchati, or Mother Age: Part I

By Elizabeth Cady Stanton — May, 1901 Without going into any of the fine calculations of historians, as to the centuries of human growth, I would simply state that some agree on about 85,000 years. They assign 60,000 to savagery, 20,000 to barbarism, and 5,000 to civilization. For my present purpose, these facts are only …

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Nov 25

An Age of Barbarism

Mr. Nill is doing a good work for Liberalism by furnishing the secular journals of his vicinity with Free Thought articles of a mild character. This one appeared in “The Watertown Herald” as an editorial. He writes: “I think there is much truth in the old saying that ‘you can catch more flies with molasses …

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Nov 11

Hindu Influence on Early Christianity

By Ratna Senanayaka — July, 1901 However our modern Christian friends may claim their religion as being a direct revelation from God, it is nevertheless obvious that the pioneer Christians (Moses and the Hebrews), in laying the foundations of their social systems and political institutions, did not escape that ancient Hindu influence which pervaded Persia, …

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Oct 19

China: What The Viceroy Says

By Viceroy Li Hung Chang — August, 1900 From The Chicago American of July 8: The powers regard China as a pie from which they intend to cut themselves slices according to whim and appetite. Big guns give no title for the possession of a country. The will of the people is that title. The …

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Oct 05

Christianity in the Philippines

W.E. Johnson

By W. E. Johnson — October, 1900 A few days ago I returned from a two months’ stay in the Philippines, where William McKinley, the Methodist, is now conducting a war of “benevolent assimilation” in the name of the Lord God and for the spread of “Christian civilization,” etc. we have, from time to time, …

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