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Nov 11

Hindu Influence on Early Christianity

By Ratna Senanayaka — July, 1901 However our modern Christian friends may claim their religion as being a direct revelation from God, it is nevertheless obvious that the pioneer Christians (Moses and the Hebrews), in laying the foundations of their social systems and political institutions, did not escape that ancient Hindu influence which pervaded Persia, …

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Nov 10

The Free Thought Cause In Oregon

By Kate De Peatt — August, 1898 The Tenth Annual Convention of the Oregon State Secular Union, held at Wagner, Oregon on July 3, 4 and 5, 1898, was a complete success in every way. Wagner is a pretty little settlement nestled in the Blue Mountains and is just the place for such a gathering. …

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Nov 05

The Oregon Movement

Katie Kehm Smith

It would seem from the following letter from Katie Kehm Smith, Secretary of the Oregon State Secular Union that the State of Oregon is taking the lead of any of the other States of the Union in the organization of the Liberal minded people. For ourselves, we would much rather, that the words Free Thought …

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Nov 04

We are Living on a Ball

By Professor J.A. Greenhill — February, 1901 Clinton, Iowa: It is not to be supposed, nor even taken for granted, that all the facts connected with the phenomena presented in the study of astronomy, are fully and clearly understood by the scientist of to-day, yet it must be admitted that much of what is true …

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Oct 28

Three Great Evils and How to Checkmate Them

John Earl Hosmer

John Earl Hosmer — April, 1902 All evil originates and grows from the dismal swamp of ignorance. There seems to be three main branches in our twentieth century civilization. At the head stands one that Freethinkers are proud to be rid of, and many of us are loud in our ridicule and denunciation of those …

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Oct 20

Jesus, the Original Infidel

By W. E. Johnson — April, 1899 For two thousand years it has been the fashion of this earth to denounce as “infidels” all who do not endorse one’s particular brand of theology. Christians denounce the Mohammedans as “infidels” and “heathen,” notwithstanding the fact that the Muslims worship the same God and do reverence to …

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Oct 20

The Race Problem

Samuel Roberts

By Samuel Roberts — July 1903 (Remarks by Samuel Roberts before the Men’s Club of the Universalist Church, 65th street and Stewart Avenue, Chicago, April 25, 1903) “All truth Is safe and nothing else is safe, and he who keeps back the truth or withholds It from men, from motives of expediency, is either a …

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Oct 19

China: What The Viceroy Says

By Viceroy Li Hung Chang — August, 1900 From The Chicago American of July 8: The powers regard China as a pie from which they intend to cut themselves slices according to whim and appetite. Big guns give no title for the possession of a country. The will of the people is that title. The …

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Oct 16

Women should read the Bible for Themselves

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

By Elizabeth Cady Stanton — November, 1900 Many years ago we desired to establish a Homeopathic College for women. A friend of mine, having inherited a million of dollars, I urged her to make a generous contribution for this purpose. She said she would consult her pastor, as she did in all her charities. After …

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Oct 16

Important Synonyms

Dr. P.A. Zaring, M.D.

By Dr. P.A. Zaring — March, 1901 Tampico, Indiana: We are sometimes astonished at controversies between persons of the same belief, over the shades of meaning of synonymous terms. There are persons who investigate principles with all possible care, and delve deep into the most profound thoughts, without paying due attention to the particular words …

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